Our yarns

All Black Isle Yarns are custom spun with fleeces I hand select from local farms and small holdings.  If you’d like to know more, this blog post explains my process from ‘field to skein’ and details all the love and care that goes into each skein.  For information on each of the farms follow this link.  And have a look here for more information about my natural dye process.

From summer 2019 I’ll be growing Black Isle Yarns with the intention of building a core group of several beautiful yarns, spun in larger quantities, which will be available year-round and supported by a suite of designs.  I plan to develop one new yarn (with fleeces handpicked from local flocks as usual) each year and the first should be available from early spring 2020.

I’ll continue to produce most of the well-loved smaller scale yarns I have developed to date, and will no doubt add in other one-off specials as and when I come across beautiful wool I can’t resist!

The list below details the yarns available from summer 2018’s clip, most of which I expect to replicate with wool clipped in summer 2019.  I am currently balancing relatively limited stock (due to unfortunate mill delays) to ensure that I have yarn available for shows but there will be a few online updates over spring/summer 2019 – if you’d like to know when the online shop will be updated please do join my newsletter………and if you have any questions please just ask (I can often put together a custom dye/order)!

Coulmore DK220m/100gWorsted/3North Country Cheviot Hogg (first clip)CoulmoreThe Natural Fibre Co.
Zwartbles Cheviot Blend DK/Worsted160m/100gSemi-worsted/3Zwartbles & Cheviot 50:50%Hedgefield Zwartbles & Orrinside FlockThe Border Mill
Zwartbles BFL Blend DK/Worsted180m/100gSemi-worsted/3Zwartbles & Bluefaced Leicester 50:50%Hedgefield Zwartbles & British BFLThe Border Mill
Gotland DK190m/100gSemi-worsted/3Gotland (with a hint of Shetland)Fearniewell CroftThe Border Mill
Gotland Alpaca DK200m/100gSemi-worsted/3Gotland (with a hint of Shetland) & Alpaca 50:50%Fearniewell Croft & British AlpacaThe Border Mill
Shetland DK170m/100gSemi-worsted/2ShetlandHelendale Shetlands, Meadows Flock, Woodside Croft & BogallanThe Border Mill
Cross-breed Blend Light DK245m/100gSemi-worsted/3Bluefaced Leicester and Cheviot, Lincoln and Cheviot, Lincoln and HampshireOrrinside FlockThe Border Mill
Shetland Sport275m/100gSemi-worsted/2ShetlandHelendale Shetlands, Meadows Flock, Woodside Croft & BogallanThe Border Mill
Coulmore 4ply350m/100gWorsted/3North Country Cheviot Hogg (first clip)CoulmoreThe Natural Fibre Co.
Killen Sock320m/100gSemi-worsted/2Bluefaced Leicester & Mohair 80:20%Craigallan & Wester Raddery, & SA MohairThe Border Mill
Bluefaced Leicester Suri 4ply330m/100gSemi-worsted/2Bluefaced Leicester & Suri Alpaca 70:30%Craigallan & Wester Raddery, & British Suri AlpacaThe Border Mill
Bluefaced Leicester 4ply380m/100gSemi-worsted/2Bluefaced LeicesterCraigallan & Wester RadderyThe Border Mill
Longwool Blend 4ply305m/100gSemi-worsted/2Cotswold, Wensleydale & Lincoln LongwoolOrrinside FlockThe Border Mill
Coulmore Bruno DK/Light Aran
205m/100gSemi-worsted/2Cheviot x Valais Hogg & Alpaca 50:50%CoulmoreThe Border MIll