Fyrish Shawl Sets


Fibre: Shetland

Farm: Inverhouse, Meadows, Bogallan, Woodside & Craiglands, Clipping Year: 2018, Weight: DK and Heavy 4ply/Sport

DK Meterage: 220m/100g, Suggested Needles: 4-5.5mm and Heavy 4ply/Sport Meterage: 350m/100g, Suggested Needles: 3-4.5mm

DK Sets = approx 180g MC (396 m) and 65g CC1 & CC1 (143 m x 2)

Heavy 4ply/Sport Sets = approx 130g MC (455 m) and 35 g CC1 & CC2 (122m x  2)

DK set – 180g plus 2 x 65g  – Heavy 4ply/Sport set – 130g plus 2 x 35g



Sold in various m/100g Skeins

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These sets will knit the striking Fyrish Shawl designed by Emily Williams. You will also need a copy of the pattern  – available here . Alternatively you can buy a digital copy here.

For these sets I have substituted the original Bluefaced Leicester yarn with Shetland Heavy 4ply/Sport and DK. You can read more about them here and here.  While Shetland fibre is quite different from Bluefaced Leiceter my Shetland yarn is worsted spun and of a very fine quality which means it will knit fairly similarly to my original Bluefaced Leicester yarn (which was also worsted spun and quite plump for BFL).

The Shetland Heavy 4ply/Sport sets are a similar weight to the BFL used in designing Fyrish and will knit as a similar shawl in look and feel. The Shetland DK is significantly more plump and heavy and will knit as a more cosy shawl with a little less definition than the original – different but still stunning!


Clipping year: 2018 | Weight: DK 220m/100g and Heavy 4ply/Sport 350m/100 | Rec. Needles: various

Shetland DK Fyrish Shawl Set


Inverhouse, Meadows, Bogallan, Woodside & Craiglands

Metres per 100g:
220m (180g MC plus 65g x 2 CC1/CC2)/100g

Shetland Heavy 4ply/Sport Shawl Set


Inverhouse, Meadows, Bogallan, Woodside & Craiglands

Metres per 100g:
350m (130g MC plus 35g x 2 CC1/CC2)/100g

  1. Black Isle Yarns are gently and minimally processed by The Border Mill from real animals who enjoy an outdoor life (in beautiful surroundings, lucky beasts!) – consequently you may find the odd bit of vegetation in your yarn, these are easy to remove as you knit and, if you’re lucky enough to find some, I hope will remind you of the special animals who have grown your yarn!
  2. I do my best to show the yarn colours as accurately as possible but please be aware that colours do vary from monitor to monitor
  3. Your yarn should be gently hand washed in cool water using pH neutral wool wash such as Eucalan or Soak. This may seem time consuming at first but should soon become an enjoyable part of working with a gently treated natural product.
  4. All my dyed colours have been thoroughly washed and rinsed however there may be a slight release of residual colour on washing – this shouldn’t change the overall yarn colour or alter other colours.