Undyed Gotland Cream, Silver, Grey and Charcoal
Gotland Mini Skein Setgotland mini skeins smgotland black isle yarns cowlShivelight cowl in Gotland DK

Test Only – Gotland Mini Skein Sets (ideal for Shivelight Cowl)


Our special Gotland DK (with a hint of Shetland) – in natural Cream, Silver, Grey and Charcoal.  This is a beautiful yarn – soft, characterful and with a slight sheen…..unlike most Gotland due to some Shetland genes in the flock.  These minis skein sets are perfect for all sorts of knits – the Shivelight Cowl, hats, mitts or as part of a larger project.

Mini skein sets include include 4 x approx 30g skeins, one of each natural undyed shade.

Sold in Set approx 120g Skeins

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Gotland is an uncommon breed here in Britain with only around 1500 in the country altogether. They are an old breed of sheep having been developed on the Swedish island of Gotland over 1000 years ago.  Fearniewell Croft’s Gotlands have a ‘hint of Shetland’ thanks to a determined tup a few generations ago.  Thanks to this adventurous tup the normal range of Gotland greys is increased to include paler greys and a creamy white. The wool is typically soft and warm with a slight sheen and the addition of the Shetland genes, although perhaps reducing the lustre slightly, can be felt in the lovely soft handle of this beautiful wool. The 2017 clip from this special flock has been split into four natural colours – Charcoal, Grey, Silver, Cream.

‘Shivelight’ is a beautiful cowl designed by my talented and very kind friend Claire (Claieinstitches) .It is a snuggly colour-work cowl knit with four shades of my Gotland DK (Cream, Silver, Grey and Charcoal).  This stunning design is by my friend Claire and it has been designed to be a good stepping-stone into the world of colour-work, as well as being an enjoyable knit for the more experienced. Claire was inspired by the woods on the Black Isle and the design perfectly captures ‘lances of sunlight piercing the woodland canopy and the shadows cast on the woodland floor’. Quote from the beautiful poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins:

‘……Down roughcast, down dazzling whitewash,

wherever an elm arches, Shivelights& shadowtackle

in long lashes lace, lance & pair……’
Clipping year: 2017 | Weight: DK | Rec. Needles: 4mm

Cream, Silver, Grey & Charcoal

Gotland (with a hint of Shetland)

Fearniewell Croft

Metres per 100g:

  1. Black Isle Yarns are gently and minimally processed by The Border Mill from real animals who enjoy an outdoor life (in beautiful surroundings, lucky beasts!) – consequently you may find the odd bit of vegetation in your yarn, these are easy to remove as you knit and, if you’re lucky enough to find some, I hope will remind you of the special animals who have grown your yarn!
  2. I do my best to show the yarn colours as accurately as possible but please be aware that colours do vary from monitor to monitor.
  3. Your yarn should be gently hand washed in cool water using pH neutral wool wash such as Eucalan or Soak. This may seem time consuming at first but should soon become an enjoyable part of working with a gently treated natural product.