Dan and Rachel, and their two wee boys, organically farm Fearniewell Croft in the heart of the Black Isle (only a handful of miles from our home).  They work ”on a scale mid way between gardening and farming which means a close eye can be kept on things as they grow. The grass & clover feeds the cows whose dung feeds the soil which feeds the vegetables which feed us – no short cuts but the result is healthy animals, soil, vegetables and people.”

The small flock of Gotlands ”with a hint of Shetland” (thanks to a fence jumping tup a few generations ago!) is integral to the croft  – Dan even hand clips with traditional shears.  Sadly, until Black Isle Yarns, their fleece has only been used as insulation and slug barriers!  We’re hoping that from now on their clip will be put to good use in countless knitting projects instead and hopefully treasured for many years to come.