Flower Power quilt by Julie Rutter for Love Patchwork & Quilting issue 22 I’m belatedly popping in here to share with you my Flower Power Quilt which featured in Love Patchwork and Quilting Issue 22.  It is by far the biggest quilt I have ever made* and I have to confess scared me rigid in case I couldn’t quilt it successfully.  But, despite my worries, it did work, phew!  There’s a coordinating cushion too which was a much simpler task.  I used an interfacing method to make the circular flowers and orange peel leaf shapes and straight-forward bondaweb for the stems – it is simple to make and just becomes a little tricky because of the sheer size……….it could very easily be scaled down to something more manageable!

* Flower Power is now draped over our extra big Ikea King Size bed………it is such a treat** to finally have a quilt made by me on our bed

** although it won’t be left on the bed tonight as it is warm** at last, woohoo!

***we had a brief but dramatic thunderstorm this afternoon which had a rather devastating effect on Islay – she came off the school bus in floods of tears, verging on hysterics, because of the lightning and thunder.  We don’t really get electric storms here in Scotland and I don’t think she has experienced one before.  Poor girl.



3 thoughts on “Flower Power Quilt in Love Patchwork and Quilting Issue 22

  1. Wow that is so lovely it looks so simple in design and pretty. I’m glad it worked out well, did you make it specifically for the feature in the magazine? Sarah x

  2. This is just fabulous, and another magazine article for you – excellent!! Love the styling in the photo as well. I LOVE thunderstorms and the boys seem OK with them, one last night knocked our electrics out for a while and I had to re-set all the clocks this morning. I’m sorry to hear Isaly was so sacred though, it must have been quite frightening being on the bus and not at home to be comforted by you, poor thing. Bxx

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