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Playful Pinwheels Quilt

I’m really pleased to be able to share my Playful Pinwheels Quilt which features in Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine Issue 36 – out today!  I’d had a quilt along the lines of the eventual design in mind for quite some time but it took a bit of jiggling around to get the final layout.  All the fabrics on the quilt top are from Art Gallery Fabrics, mostly from Happy Home by Caroline Hulse.  I very quickly settled on this fabric line for the quilt, I love the very summery colours in Happy Home which give a bright and happy feel but aren’t too loud or overwhelming. Art Gallery Fabrics uses a particularly high thread count and fine weave in their fabric and the result is a very soft and smooth cotton.  It is beautiful to work with (I can’t wait to get this quilt home again!).

The finished Playful Pinwheels Quilt is 87 1/2 inches square…..I love the 1/2 inch measure in such a big quilt (it fits a king size bed) but if pieced accurately it really should end up that size!  Its pretty straightforward although I was fairly careful about print and pattern placement especially for 5 focus blocks and so piecing with them in mind required a bit of concentration.  Otherwise there’s a lot of sewing together off-white strips involved!

Do let me know if you ever make one, I’d really love to know!



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