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The shop is now closed while I prepare for Edinburgh Yarn Festival.  I’ll have it back up and running later in March – sorry for any inconvenience.

If you are looking for some pattern ideas I have a new blog post with some suggestions – pairing a few favourite patterns with various Black Isle Yarns.

Sustainability, and minimising the impact that Black Isle Yarns has on the environment, is very important to me and so I put a lot of thought into my packaging – you can read more in this recent blog post.


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£21 per 100g

Indigo Dyed Cross-breed Blend Light DK

Pale Blush Indigo Naturally Dyed Cross-breeds Blend DK

The fleeces that make up this Cross-breed Blend were all beautiful in their own right and, in combination, give a soft, slightly lustrous and drapey wool.  The naturally dyed shades on this yarn have a lovely soft tone.

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£21 per 100g

Bluefaced Leicester Suri Alpaca Blend 4 ply

Bluefaced Leicester Suri Alpaca 4 ply

A beautifully soft, silky and drapey yarn from a blend of 70% Bluefaced Leicester and 30% Suri Alpaca. The blend uses several undyed shades giving a heathery depth to the silver grey colour.

Two skeins are required to knit the 4ply/Fingering weight version of the lovely Project Peace Shawl.


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£18 per 100g

Zwartbles Bluefaced Leicester Blend DK

Zwartbles BFL Blend

Zwartbles Bluefaced Leicester Blend (50:50%) – this yarn blend brings out the best attributes of the two wools.  It has plump definition and a beautiful deep colour from the Zwartbles and a soft, smooth handle from the BFL, which also brings a lovely sheen and drape.

Three skeins are required to knit the DK weight small and large versions of the lovely Project Peace Shawl.

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£18 per 100g

Zwartbles Cheviot Blend DK

Zwartbles Cheviot Blend Heavy DK

Our Zwartbles Cheviot Blend (50:50%) is a lovely strong yet soft yarn which is perfect for heritage jumpers and cosy mittens. The fabric is hardwearing and will last for many years. The Zwartbles lends a plumpness and crispness while the Cheviot brings it’s dense, bouncy and warm characteristics. The 2017 blend has a particularly smooth spin and a deep slightly heathered grey colour.

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£10 per 50g

Icelandic Lopi Aran (Copy)

Fawn, Silver and Toffee Icelandic Lopi

Our Icelandic Lopi is a soft, airy wool which knits into a warm and durable fabric.  It comes in three pretty natural shades  – Toffee, Fawn and Silver (please note that while Toffee and Fawn are different shades there isn’t a great deal of contrast between them).

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£22 per Kit approx 110-133g

Puzzlewood Mittens Kits

Puzzlewood Mittens

Ombre stripes and a woven effect – these are the two distinct characteristics of the Puzzlewood Mittens. Making the best of the natural colours of the yarn they are the perfect companion for a wintery walk or even a snowball fight!

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