Our yarns

Spring 2017

I’m so delighted to let you know that batch number 2, Spring 2017, is ready.  There’s a new blog post up with all the details of the various special yarns included in this batch.  There is a completely different set of farms and sheep breeds this time round and some of the resulting yarns are very small batch indeed and completely unique.

I’m not quite ready to list them in the shop just yet as I’m working on some exciting plans but to keep up to date, and be the first to hear when they’re available, join our newsletter (sign up on home page)!

Once again every stage has taken place in Scotland – grown and naturally dyed in the Highlands and spun in the Borders.

We will be attending a number of shows and festivals during 2017.  The latest plans are:

Dornoch Fibre Fest – Dornoch Social Club – Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 March

Dingwall Highland Wool and Textiles Fair – Dingwall Auction Mart – Saturday 27 May

Loch Ness Knit Fest – Inverness Icerink – Friday 13 to Sunday 15 October

Nottingham Yarn Expo – Nottingham – Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 November

Autumn 2016

There’s a few very lonely skeins left in the shop from batch number 1, Autumn 2016………I can’t quite believe that my first ever yarns are almost completely sold out already.  Thank you so much for your support, it is very much appreciated!

If you have any thoughts on our yarns or suggestions for what you’d like to see from Black Isle Yarns in the future do please let us know.

£17 per 100g


Gotland in 5 natural shades - White, Silver Grey, Light Grey, Mid Grey and Dark Grey

Our Gotland wool comes from Fearniewell Croft’s Gotlands who have a ‘hint of Shetland’ in their genes. This has widened normal range of Gotland greys to include paler greys and a creamy white. The wool is typically light, soft and warm with a slight sheen and the addition of the Shetland genes, although perhaps reducing the lustre slightly, can be felt in the beautiful handle of this special wool. The 2016 clip from this lovely flock has been split into five colours – Dark Grey, Mid Grey, Light Grey, Silver Grey and White.

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£20 per 100g

Gotland – Naturally dyed

Indigo dyed gradient set

I have had a lot of fun dyeing the white shade of Gotland with natural dye materials.  Each naturally dyed batch will be a limited edition, never to be exactly repeated.  If you’d like a larger number of skeins in a particular shade do let me know and we can discuss the options for a special colour run especially for you.

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£17 per 100g


Zwartbles and Zwartbles blends (pure Zwartbles - middle bottom)

Our pure Zwartbles yarn is bouncy , springy and strong and has a medium handle.  It is perfect for outerwear such as hats and mitts and I think would be wonderful as a simple cabled vest or gilet. The colour is dramatically dark, almost black, and quite hard to believe that it is entirely natural.

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£17 per 100g

Zwartbles Blends

Pure Zwartbles, Zwartbles~Cheviot, Zwartbles~Alpaca, Zwartbles~Mohair (clockwise from top left)

Our Zwartbles blends make the most of the Zwartbles characteristics combined with some other special fibres.  The first blend is a mix of 55% Zwartbles and 45% Cheviot wool.  It is a lovely rustic heathery Coal Grey and is slightly softer than our pure Zwartbles.  It is light and bouncy, and the flecked nature would look lovely in cables.  Our second blend has 50% mohair – this blend is a Steel Grey colour, has a real sheen and a soft yet strong handle. The final blend is with 50% alpaca– the alpaca fleece used was fawn coloured and the resulting fibre is a beautiful warm Toffee Fudge colour in a soft, squishy yarn.

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