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Thank you very much indeed for all your support during 2018 – it is very much appreciated.  I’m going to take a wee break over Christmas and New Year  – any orders placed on or after Saturday 22 December will be posted on Monday 7th January.  Wishing you a wonderful festive season.

I am planning to take part in Sarah (Fibertrek) and Nicole (The Gentle Knitter)‘s Knit Along.  It runs from 22 December (the Cold Moon full moon) to 21 January (the Wolf Moon full moon).  We will be knitting the Hedgewitch Shawl – by Nat (Wolf and Faun) – a huge, textural hug of a shawl. I will be using three undyed grey skeins and gtwo dyed skeins of Crossbreeds Blend.  Will you join me?

I am delighted to be taking part in Christina Campbell’s (aka The Healthy Knitter) Project Peace once again.  My BFL Suri Alpaca Blend 4 Ply is perfect for this wonderful Knit Along and I will donate 10% of all sold during December to Unicef

While I don’t have a ‘bricks and mortar’ shop I am delighted to have visitors to my ‘kitchen table’, by prior arrangement.  Please do get in touch if you’d like to see my yarns in person at home on the Black Isle.

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£21 per 100g

Cross-breed Blend Light DK

Cross-breed Blend combines fleeces from several cross-bred ewes (Bluefaced Leicester and Cheviot, Lincoln and Cheviot, and Lincoln and Hampshire).  All were beautiful in their own right and, in combination, give a characterful soft but bouncy and slightly lustrous, drapey wool.  It is a natural soft grey shade and, when naturally dyed, gives a lovely deep heathered tone to the dyed shades.

Cross-breed Blend is a light DK at 245m/100g. I’m planning to knit the Hedgewitch Shawl, as part of Nicole and Sarah’s KAL -with three skeins undyed and two skeins of dyed Cross Breeds.  I can’t wait to cast on on 22 December!


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£21 per 100g

BFL Suri Alpaca Blend 4 ply – Perfect for Project Peace 2018

A beautifully soft, silky and drapey yarn from a blend of 70% Bluefaced Leicester and 30% Suri Alpaca.  BFL Suri Blend is particularly suited to drapey shawls and light-weight cardigans and is a 4ply/fingering weight at 330m/100g.

Once again I am delighted to be joining in with Project Peace, Christina Campbell’s (aka The Healthy Knitter) annual worldwide Knit Along to promote peaceful mindful knitting during the hectic holiday season.  Christina already has almost 1000 people joining in so far this year – from all around the world…..ready to knit the beautiful Project Peace cowl and ‘spread seeds of peace’ by knitting together.  One or two skeins will knit either version of the cowl.  I will donate 10% of all BFL Suri Blend, sold in December, to Unicef and I will pop a peaceful little ‘something extra’ into each package too.  In addition, Christina is donating all pattern proceeds to charity.


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£21 per 100g

Killen Sock – BFL-Mohair Blend 4ply, all natural sock yarn

Killen Sock is designed as a strong but soft yarn especially suited to knitting socks and is a blend of 80% Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) and 20% Mohair.  BFL is a naturally strong and lustrous wool while mohair is often referred to as nature’s nylon and the combination of the two gives natural strength to Killen. This beautiful yarn is suited to a wide range of projects, as well as socks, and is a 4ply/fingering weight at 320m/100g.

You can buy a paper copy (with Ravelry download code) of Clare Devine’s (Knit Share Love) fabulous Munclochy sock pattern, designed in Killen Sock, here.

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£18 per 80 (2 x 40)g

Polkagris Kerchief Yarn Set – Shetland Sport Mini Skeins

Polkagris Kerchief yarn sets in Shetland Sport (275m/100g) are perfect for the Kate Davies Designs Polkagris Kerchief, and include two skeins – one natural white plus one naturally dyed over marl grey. The two mini skeins, each of 40g, are also ideal for combining with other mini skeins to knit a larger shawl or as colour-work in other projects.

The Polkagris Kerchief is a lovely quick, intuitive knit and very wearable, and fun, finished little shawl.


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£21 per 100g

Longwool Blend 4 ply

The natural lustre and halo of this Longwool Blend lends itself very well to dyeing and the colours have a real shimmer and depth to them.  Longwool Blend was very popular last year and I have repeated it with 2018’s clip from Orrinside Flock.  This year the longwool fleeces include Lincoln Longwool – this is the longwool of longwools with a staple length averaging 18-25.5cm (7-10 in) and has a superb lustre.

Three skeins knit into a stunning Eathie Shawl (by Emily K Williams) or one skein is perfect for a drapey Lode Shawl (by Clare Devine) see product images for examples. You can find paper copies of the Lode Shawl here and the Eathie Shawl here (both with Ravelry download codes).


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£22 per Kit approx 110-133g

Puzzlewood Mittens Yarn Set

Ombre stripes and a woven effect – these are the two distinct characteristics of the Puzzlewood Mittens. Making the best of the natural colours of the yarn they are the perfect companion for a wintery walk or even a snowball fight!  Each yarn set includes enough wool to knit either Size 1 or Size 2 mittens.

Ruth’s lovely design has now been released as an individual pattern and is available to purchase from Ravelry here.

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£19 per 100g

Zwartbles Bluefaced Leicester Blend DK

Zwartbles Bluefaced Leicester Blend (50:50%) – this yarn blend brings out the best attributes of the two wools.  It has plump definition and a beautiful deep colour from the Zwartbles and a soft, smooth handle from the BFL, which also brings a lovely sheen and drape.

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Lode Shawl Pattern

A printed copy of the Lode Shawl pattern by Clare Devine (with Ravelry downlode code).

The Lode pattern knits beautifully with one skein of Longwool Blend or BFL Suri Blend.

Lode is worked from the tip to the edge and features layers of slipped stitch columns that gently flow from the central spine, building upon each other and creating a richly textured fabric that envelops the neck, keeping the chills at bay.

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Munlochy Sock Pattern

A printed copy of the Munlochy Sock pattern by Clare Devine (with Ravelry downlode code).

The Munlochy pattern is specially designed for Killen Sock.

Munlochy is knit from the top down with a re-enforced heel flap and rounded heel turn and toe.  They are easy to adjust and sized for the whole family.

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